I've just received a wonderful, amazing, useful, liberating book from Amazon. I need to say it is an IMPERATIVE for you (yes, every single one of you) to buy it. No bullshit, man. I'm talking about real creativity development, and not one more of this huge amount of fake stupid-creativity-raisers full of pictures and bright colors and designer sillyness for silly designers. This is serious. Simple. Effective. I've read the first chapters and I'm really excited. This is like taking a masterclass of 12 weeks. I'm starting today. I'll let you know in 84 days.

I need to thank my new friend (can I say friend with only one date? I think I can!) Ana Montiel for that morning chat where we talked about life, love, ayurveda and the difficult paths of creative living. She illuminated me with her smile and a lot of cultural recommendations (this book was my first objective!) and I came home happy and believing the world -and this city, specially- can be a nice place because there are people like she, like us, making real little changes around.

These days, just because of Dumbo and our new life, I've met some special people that I'd love to call my friends, someday. It's specially weird for someone like me because I was the one never calling anybody (not even my real friends, who always complain about me with a good reason) and not really caring about nothing. But dear, life paths are mysterious and suddenly you found yourself in a new mood, with new concernings and new objectives. And, oh, yes, I think I should thank Ari about this positive change. True love is the key.

(On the picture, TOPO AZUL, the amazing patterned wallpaper designed by Ana who made me leave a comment on her blog for the first time. She gave me some samples on our meeting! Isn't she lovely?)

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  1. Darling!!! Me has emocionado con este post tan bonito. Me encanta que te encante The Artists Way! Julia Cameron es una capo, su libro es tan progresista e inspirador!!

    He de decir que nuestra conversación me encantó y me hizo recapacitar sobre volver a practicar el bilinguismo en mi blog! Yep, yep. A hacer honor a la lengua de Cervantes from now on... ;)

    Un abrazo y a ver si nos vemos mañana en el fleamarket!


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