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Starting Point: Diagonal with Via Augusta
Gràcia is a lively area of the city (it was an independent village until 1897), full of squares, nice little shops, and pedestrian streets. The north part is well known for its animated day and night life. But we want to present a new commercial area, still unknown for some of the locals, growing each day with new and special venues. Here you can walk without being surrounded by crowds. Here you can talk quietly with shop owners. No tourists at all.

ANDREA MORROS (Riera de Sant Miquel, 11)
Shop and atelier of the designer who dresses most of the Barcelonese high society and also a good number of celebrities. She learnt her trade working at Chloé, Guy Laroche and Karl Lagerfeld. She calls her work “prêt-à-couture”, with handcrafted details and personalisation but more affordable prices.

OX MUEBLES (Riera St Miquel, 17)
A Swedish girl and an Aussie guy sell the best Scandinavian vintage furniture pieces from the 50s to the 70s. They stock pieces from designers like Bruno Mathsson, Piet Hein or Poul Henningsen, and are interior designers themselves.

NOBODINOZ (Séneca, 9)
The first concept store and art gallery targeting kids, with children’s items becoming innovative designer objects. The emphasis is on art, with unique designer products and exclusive brands of clothes, toys, furniture, decorative items and childcare equipment. The owners are a lovely Parisian couple with 3 kids. You’ll love it whether you have children or not.

LYDIA DELGADO (Minerva, 21)
Lydia Delgado was a classical dancer when she met Antonio Miró and became his assistant, working with him until 1989 when she opened her own space. She is well known for her originality and technical talent, her clothes are recognizable and the woman she dresses has a strong character and a great personality.

BAUM (Séneca, 29)
Feminine, soft, delicate and romantic clothing by Nümph, Eda Mae, Ailanto, Ichi, Ti-mo, Yumi, Gestuz and IRO, also vintage finds and accessories (look out for Sietedelonce foulards, handcrafted by a lovely girl half Finnish-half Spanish) in this little, cozy shop in quiet Séneca street. They also offer indie art exhibitions on their walls.

SNÖ (Séneca, 37)
A Scandinavian concept-store created by Camilla and Ulrika. They carry menswear, womenswear and kids clothing from Swedish labels like Filippa K, Acne Jeans, Cheap Monday, Whyred, Hope, Rodebjer, Minimarket, House of Dagmar, Rika, Burfitt as well from the store owners’ signature label, Snö. They also offer jewellery and accessories as well as Scandinavian skincare and hair products from Ole Henriksen and SachaJuan.

GONZALO COMELLA Vía Augusta, 2 and E4G Vía Augusta, 10
Two multi-brand stores of the same company featuring: Lebor Gabala, Etoile, Blauer, Humanoid, Rare, Meltin Pot, Bikkembersg, Shine, Penguin, Belstaff, See by Chloé, Nike, etc.

LA FEMME COQUETTE (Vía Augusta, 14)
Delicate and luxurious lingerie store carrying brands such as Lise Charmel, Andrés Sardà, La Perla or Prima Donna.

2046This little shoe store feels like a movie set. They carry local Spanish designers and international ones, with an indie edge: Pierre Hardy, Gianni Barbato, Kenjiikeda, De Couture, Marc Jacobs, Castañer and Adidas by Stella McCartney, Patrick Cox, Barbara Bui, Pedro García, Juan Antonio López.

ANTIQUE BOUTIQUE (Riera de Sant Miquel, 19)
An antique store offering great surprises, from pop chairs to chandeliers and vintage neon signs, a religious sculpture from 18th century and an old Spanish comic book, to a garden table and a bubble gum machine. This is a real Aladdin’s cave - they don’t have any prejudice, they mix freely to ensure that your shopping-hunting experience is twice as good!

MENCHEN TOMAS (Riera de Sant Miquel, 37)
Menchén Tomàs is the alter ego of cotton masters Olga Menchén and Francesc Tomàs. They sell printed natural fabrics which are fresh, youthful and bright; think cheery stripes and flowers. Their shop feels like summer; think beaches and parties.

HOTEL CASA FUSTER (Passeig de Gràcia, 132)
This building was built in 1908 by one of the best modernist architects, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, and by that time, was the most expensive construction in Barcelona. It was abandoned for quite a long time before it was converted into an hotel. It preserves the modernist atmosphere and it’s been decorated with Art-Decó furnishings. Have a quiet and chic drink inside, on the Café Vienés, and after you can go upstairs for a nice panoramic view of the Passeig de Gràcia.

CAMISERIA PONS (Gran de Gràcia, 49)
Established in 1907, they have the same modernist front and the same restored furniture. They know the subtle art of being always on top and to go with the times. Don’t miss the charming interior patio with a trompe l’oeil decoration, full of seasonal flowers and a modernist fountain. They offer clothing from mostly Spanish designers: Elemente Clemente, Ingrid Gehring, Lebor Gabala, Lydia Delgado, Mariona Gen, Miriam Ponsa, Missoni, Oska, Sara Pacini, Ailanto and Josep Abril.

ERASE UNA VEZ.... (Goya, 7)
Inside this little piece of dreamland you’ll find heart-rending incredibly tailored pieces by Zazo&Brull, charming designs by Pokopink, feminine dresses by Llamazares y De Delgado, naïve pieces of Eva Orive and the fairy poetry of Ruthaurora Maria wedding dresses.

HARBORT (Martínez De La Rosa, 53)
Just in front of 40 de Mayo, Mónica Harbort owns this nice shop and atelier where she designs pieces of clothing and accessories made exclusively of high quality leather. Some of her designs (dresses, tops, shorts...) don’t look like leather clothes, they are designed for everyday use. Her motto: Leather is not just for rock stars!

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